Blaine Lambert

Director, Strategic Partnerships

I consider myself lucky! I am in a business where I have an opportunity to share my passion for the splendor and magnificence of Alaska and the Yukon. The northernmost part of the Great Land is one of the last areas of the world where the wildlife roam freely in large tracks of pristine forests and parks. The natives of Alaska call Mt. McKinley, Alaska's highest mountain, the Great One. I have also heard it called "America's rooftop."

I was born and raised in the Yukon, Alaska's immediate neighbor. My family vacationed every summer in Alaska, where I enjoyed many salmon fishing trips, hiking expeditions, as well as camping and kayaking adventures. However, a whole new side of Alaska was shown to me when I sailed on my first cruise out of Vancouver. I sailed the stunning Inside Passage where I set my eyes upon majestic glaciers, was awe-struck at the orca whales in the water and was mesmerized by the appearance of humpback whales.

Cruise vacations offer a wonderful way to explore new areas of the world. Each cruise line caters to different types of clients. Options are designed to satisfy the comfort-oriented individual to the more serious thrill-seeker. Families can feel comfortable in a safe environment - even Mom will be able to take a little time off!

As Cruise Specialists in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, it is our commitment that we offer you excellent value and an experience that will exceed your expectations. We have managed to grow our client base by:

- Being attentive to our clients' needs and requests
- Matching clients with what they want as the right vacation experience
- Responding in a timely manner and sharing the wealth of our expertise
- Providing excellent and friendly customer service

We have a great team here at Cruise Experts Travel! It is a pleasure to work with each and every one of our staff. We all look forward to sharing the excitement of your vacation planning!