Group Booking Q & A

Common questions regarding Group Cruise Vacations

How many guests are required to make a group?

Based on double occupancy, as few as eight (8) staterooms, or 16 travelers, can qualify you as a group. Typically, the larger your group is, the greater the savings or added value you can obtain. Please note that third or fourth passengers sharing the same stateroom do not count toward the size of your group.

What are the main advantages in booking a group cruise?

  1. Incredible value
    Our CruiseExperts Travel Specialists can negotiate extra cruise fare savings, added amenities such as stateroom upgrades, complimentary bottles of wine or shipboard credit, and even free staterooms. Every group cruise package is tailored to each group's unique needs.
  2. Worry-free convenience
    Choosing a cruise may just be the most hassle-free vacation your group will ever experience! Onboard your floating resort, visit various ports with only having to unpack and pack once for your entire trip. You can opt to participate in a multitude of activities, as well as indulge in award-winning entertainment and lavish cuisine, all while being pampered by your ship's friendly service staff.
  3. Business & Incentives
    Cruise ships offer dedicated conference centers with state-of-the-art equipment for meetings and other corporate events. Please see our Business & Incentive Cruises section for more details.

Why book with CruiseExperts Travel?

  1. Outstanding service is our priority
    You can rest assured that our CruiseExperts Travel Specialists will make sure all the details are covered and that your experience as a group liaison is a positive one!
  2. We offer you the most value
    Our experienced and knowledgeable CruiseExperts Travel Specialists know how to negotiate the most from the cruise lines. Because we are part of the 200-office CruiseExperts Travel chain, we offer you excellent competitive pricing resulting from our strong buying power.

Is it important to book well in advance?

Yes! As with any other vacation, the earlier you start planning for a group, the greater the opportunity to enjoy more savings, more amenities and the best selection of staterooms.

How can I get more information about group cruises?

You may call and speak to the CruiseExperts Travel Specialists directly at 1-800-565-2784 for more information and a Quick Quote, or simply fill out our Cruise Quote Request Form. Please allow between 2 & 24 hours for our response to e-mail requests.

CruiseExperts Travel, LTD. recommends optional travel insurance that protects you in the event of having to cancel your trip avoiding travel vendor cancellation policies and more!


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Common questions regarding Group Cruise Vacations.

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